Friday, 14 February 2014

Miss Havisham of Spirituality

People who are confused and searching for answers can be very nasty and hurtful to those they see as some how owning them something, because they did the Great Work, but they can't be arsed. So they try to punish those who have and make them feel bad.

They demand things of them, think they deserve to be handed everything on a plate for no other reason than them stamping their foot and saying 'it isn't fair, I want to know'.

They are insecure and lost.. so think everyone else should be too. If only they would take the time to do the work then they wouldn't have to think everything is a competition and they could stop trying to bring others down, and instead build others up.

These people will watch every word you say or type, and think of ways to point out bad things and faults about you. They will gang up against you, calling you names and saying how insulted they are by you. They want you to be scared to stand up for yourself. They want you to conform to the bs they do and shut up, so that what you say won't expose them for the fakes they are. Yes they are fakes, pretending to be this and that, pretending to know things they have no idea about, so they can all laugh and judge others who won't accept everything they say as gospel.

If you walk away, because there is no point arguing with these types, they use that as a reason to 'prove' they were right all along. But the truth is, it gets tiring caring about them and their constant need to wear you down to their level. People don't like those who they feel are better than them in any way at all. It doesn't matter what it is, playing the piano, intelligence, art, they will hate you for being better at something than them. Unless of course they are secure in themselves and so don't need to compete, but that is a tiny percentage of people. So it can all get very tiring.

Better to smile and carry on, because the slaves shall serve and the Kings and Queens of Earth will rule forever.

And what I have just said, will also be misinterpreted by 'them' because they don't understand that they are slaves, and most of them will deny that fact until their grave.

They are the Miss Havisham of spirituality, sat waiting for someone else to turn up and save them, but no one does or can, so instead they feel rejected and turn bitter, twisted and nasty... as they rot away and finally kick the bucket never having achieved Gnosis.

Great expectations in others, leads to great disappointments. Expect nothing from others, and every single gem they are generous enough to give you should be seen as a gift, NOT a right.

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