Thursday, 25 May 2017

Blood Racism - Are you a blood racist?

What is blood racism?

I think it is about time I addressed blood racism. I have encountered this on my youtube channel and in our group on FB. It is when someone of a certain blood type either imagines they are superior or inferior to those of another blood type. I myself am sometimes accused of this because I tell the truth about the origins of the blood types, plus the traits and differences between the types in my books Secrets of the Serpent Bloodline and Blood Type Personality. I never once anywhere imply that any blood type is better than any other. I do however say that people of certain genetics are more likely to find certain things easier, like connecting to their genetic memories, as the purer your line is, the easier it will be to go back further down the ancestral memories.

The most blood racist man in history was A positive.

Let us also remember that probably the most blood racist man in history was Adolf Hitler and he had A positive blood. He wanted to kill off anyone with Rh negative blood which included Jews, Bretons, Celts and many more ancient people.

His anger at the world was apparent, he felt inferior to Rh negatives and so wanted to kill them all in a jealous rage. I recognise this rage in others I encounter too. They accuse me of blood racism, when they themselves are seething in a jealous rage because they feel inferior, and so they strike out at me and make really terrible personal insults about me. Talking about me like I am the worst person in the world, a very real projection from their inner psyche. Just because you don't like some or all of the information I provide about the different blood groups, it doesn't mean it is a personal attack at you, so then why do you use it as justification to make personal attacks at me or anyone else for that matter?

I recognise this anger in them and their misguided sense of inferiority as it is something Mary Magdalene told us about in her teachings.

Peter said to Mary "Sister, why are these people so angry that surround us? Why can they not know the peace brought by our teachings?"

Mary answered, saying, "They choose not to look for the answer where they can find it, they seek happiness, but look in the wrong places. They want to find peace, there is no Being not capable of finding this peace, but they have found a truth that pains them and before they can heal they must be ready to walk through the shadows, and welcome the light at the other side."

Peter asked, "What truth can cause so much pain?"

Mary answered, "The truth about times long gone, the truth about the origin to which they belong. To live wanting more than this causes pain, the truth is not what causes the pain."
Peter asked, "Sister, how can someone want more than the truth? Doesn't the truth free us?"
Mary answered, "The truth can only hurt us when we refuse to accept it, acceptance is the key to start on the path to finding inner peace. We choose not which line into which we are born, therefore we should find peace in our differences and strengths, as much as our similarities and weaknesses. The line of the Divine Grail is within our family, this makes it our mission to help and support all our children, of all lines, it matters not which they are born into. For our mistakes we must endure and find balance from the ashes of the torment they create."
The Hidden Teachings of Mary Magdalene. II

We live in a world full to the top with diversity, no two people are the same, no two animals are the same, not even identical twins with the exact same DNA are the same, we are all unique and we are all different.

Shouldn't we be free to talk about the origins of our ancestors without people getting so upset?

Shouldn't we be glad that we all unique and different and rejoice in those differences?

What difference do you really think it would make to your life if you came from a different line and had a different blood type?

While we continue to fight each other and hate each other the world turns into a more horrible place for all of us. How about we all decide to make it a better place instead?


  1. The bloodists,are getting worse

  2. Im ABneg. And have strange shit happen to me all the time. Nothing strapped to my wrist will stay running very long. If I wear a ring and shake your hand. I almost alway will shock the crap out of a person, if I touch them. And other things I just tryingbto understand why.

  3. Acceptance is hard, but very necessary.