Monday, 6 March 2023

Are you all alone in the world?

Are you all alone in the world? Does no one care if you live or die? Maybe you have a few people in your life, but no one who really truly cares about what you are going through whether it be your achievements or sad times?

You are never alone because you will always have your Higher Self, they are always there through everything. They are the real you, this body you are in now is just an avatar that is being used to experience this material realm and learn lessons.

At times I get so sad about the fact that I have spent my life being rejected and not being important in anyone else's life, other than my Mum, who is now gone. Finding myself all alone in the world made me so upset and it was very hard to cope with. I have no partner or children. And whereas I like being on my own, I enjoy the peace, there are also sometimes the questions of what if this or that, and the why this or that happened how it did.

I asked my Higher Self why is this how my life has to be. She answered, "When you have known grief you come to realise that the most selfless and altruistic act is to make sure that no one misses you when you are gone."

YES! That is it, I can stop worrying about no one wanting me around or even noticing if I am or not, because when I leave there will be no one left here to feel the immense and all-consuming grief of losing a partner or mother. I have nothing to tie me here at all, I can move on fully. What a blessing.

I will only leave good things behind, like my art, my tarot cards, my books, and videos. No suffering, no pain, or grief will be caused by me.

So if this is also you, you are wonderful, and you are not a reject, you are just ready for the next phase of the work, and not many are. Too many are trapped in ego and so have children because they want to cling to this realm, leaving something of themselves here to suffer when they die, or they are scared to have no one around when they get old, they live in fear and so have children and/or cling to another who they feel they could not survive without, or stay in toxic relationships. They can't move on, but you can.

What a truly selfless and beautiful act in the game we play on this planet. Don't let anyone who is living in fear and trapped in ego tell you anything different.

Wednesday, 19 October 2022

Mystical Alchemy Tarot

Mystical Alchemy Tarot Cards

Mystical Alchemy Tarot
Mystical Alchemy Tarot

I created some beautiful tarot cards featuring my art and esoteric symbolism.

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Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Fertility Rates Are Dropping

You may or may not have seen the news about just how low fertility rates have dropped. A man today only has half the sperm his Grandfather did, this massive decrease in sperm quantity means that a man's ability to get a woman pregnant is getting increasingly difficult, and the older he is the more he will struggle as the sperm quality also deteriorates with age.

For so long women have been the ones who have been blamed when a couple can't get pregnant, but this shows that is not always the case. Also, we have been led to believe that males don't have to worry about getting older and breeding later in life because they are seen as eternally virile, this has been shown to be false.

So what does this mean for the future?

As we approach the new Aeon of Veritas this is naturally occurring anyway, but of course, chemicals and pesticides are speeding up the process. But this won't lead to human extinction. It will lead to women gaining back their ability to reproduce asexually, as was the way in the past before the first male was born caused by a mutation on one of the X chromosomes, leading to the development of the shorter mutated Y chromosome. There will come a time when human population numbers will decline greatly and this is when women will gain this ability back. Humans will not become extinct.

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Monday, 22 November 2021

Number 108

If you have ever done yoga, pranayama or used Mala beads you will know that 108 appears to have a great significance but maybe you have never really known why that is? Or someone told you about the connection to the 108 letters in the Sanskrit alphabet, or because there are 108 scriptures or even it having something to do with the distance of the Earth from the Sun and Moon. You might also have heard that Muslims used the number 108 when referring to “God”.

Well here it is laid bare for you, so that you will know exactly what it means and why.

Before you continue if you haven't read my life in numbers article, please stop now and read that first because I will be referencing it.

1 represents the Priest's penis, 0 represents the Priestess' vagina.

In binary systems the 1 is always masculine and the 0 feminine.

When 1 and 0 get together and preform the Great Rite they achieve infinity (illumination and completion of the Great Work). This is represented by the 8.

1+0+8=9 as you will already know from the life in numbers article 9 is the number of completion. The perfected illuminated human.

The Great Rite and its significance is hidden in plain sight in all religions and all scriptures, it is GOD because it is what leads to illumination and completion. Any other ideas about this are spread to cause confusion and to prevent this knowledge being known.

Please do not copy text from this site, you do not have my permission for that, simply link to the article. Thanks.

Friday, 28 May 2021

Singles Should Be Celebrated

In this vastly overpopulated world, and yes it is, quit denying it is, habitable land is in short supply and land to grow and graze on is too. So forget any daft notion that the planet isn't vastly overpopulated because it is.

People who get married get a special day where they get showered with gifts and money, they are celebrated and when they have kids the same thing happens again. Yet single people who decide they don't want to contribute to the overpopulation problem are shunned, never invited to anything and never get a special day or tax breaks like married couples do.

The whole thing is wrong. Single people with no children are the ones who should be being celebrated instead of people asking when you are getting married and when you are having kids. They get cast out and abandoned by almost everyone.

If you truly want a better world for your children, be very thankful to those who have forgone their right to have children for the sake of yours, instead of acting like entitled pricks who think they are more special because they had sex and made polluting little egofruits.

Saturday, 20 February 2021

The 7 Virtues & The 7 Deadly Sins - Human Suffering


All humans suffer and it doesn't matter who you are or what you own, how much money you do or don't have, suffering is something that all humans have to face. Yes, it might seem like some suffer more than others, and they probably do in many ways. But we also have to remember that everyone's experiences are different. Because of how society is set up it creates obsessive wants in people, that never seem to be fulfilled. So whereas a poor person is suffering because they can't get enough food or even decent clothes to wear, and they never seem to have enough to pay their rent at the end of the month... those who do have a lot of money buy massive houses and expensive cars, and expensive clothes and jewellery and they too often end up in major debt because they cannot control their need for more. So it seems that no matter what someone has, it is never enough... Unless of course, you learn the reasons for this behaviour and in turn how to control it.

I am sure you have all heard about the 7 deadly sins. What many don't know is that 7 sins are countered each with a heavenly virtue, and that these 7 things are connected to the chakra system in our bodies which are the endocrine glands. When any of these chakras are out of balance, this leads to problems with the endocrine gland that it governs, they also manifest in several ways in our lives and causes severe disruptions if we don't learn how to balance them.

The Seven Virtues & Their Corresponding Sins, Chakra & Endocrine Gland




Endocrine Gland











Solar Plexus












Third Eye






You might think all you have to do is not do any of the sins and just do the virtue and you will be happy. But that isn't the case, balance is the key to everything. What we need to do is realise those 7 sins are within us, admit them, own them and then learn how to balance them with the virtues. Only then can we be free of suffering.

So you might ask why is this so hard to do?

Because it is very difficult for someone to admit to these not so pleasant aspects of themselves, we all like to think we are good people and I am sure you are, sometimes, but we all do and think things that are far from virtuous, and if you cannot admit this to yourself you will never eliminate the suffering they cause you. I will give you a few examples for each one as a guide.

Chastity and Lust – in a world where we are increasingly told it is fine to have sex with anyone and everyone this one can be a very hard one to conquer. Finally, you think humanity has shed the need to demonise people who just want to have sex without any feelings involved.

Did you know that every time you have meaningless sex with someone you don't love, you become dumber and less aware? It makes it harder to complete the Great Work, another reason why men find it harder than women.

When Aleister Crowley talked about sacrificing a young boy, he was talking about when he climaxes, he has made a sacrifice.

“For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim.”

Using this method to gain magickal powers, is a sacrifice, as you lose out somewhere else later. This is also true when you use masturbation to charge a sigil. Unless you have already reached Kether, and therefore you can use your energy to help others.

Making this sacrifice will make things harder to complete the work. Most people just do what is right for them NOW, and don't care about the consequences later, that is why New Age religions go on and on about living in the now, they never want you to reach your full potential. Of course it is wise to not worry about the past or the future, too much. However, if you don't 'act' now for the sake of your future, nothing ever changes, including your level of spiritual attainment.

When you practise tantra you learn to never climax, and instead to loop the energy back round your system, so that it shoots back up your spine and down again in a cycle, in the figure of 8, the centre of the 8 is at your heart chakra, which is why performing tantra is about love and respect of yourself and your partner. This is one way to have sex without draining away your energy. The ecstasy can then last as long as you like as you loop the energy round. When you end the session, rather than climaxing you send the energy to your Crown, making it a win-win situation.

The best thing to do is never waste your energy, if you must release energy, use it to charge a sigil at the same time. Then at least it is going towards something good. If someone focuses on something negative as they release, like porn or some perversion, then that is what the energy is going towards. If you masturbate thinking about a celebrity, for instance, your energy is going towards them. This is why sexy celebrities become so powerful. But if the energy is negative, then it can affect them badly too. For instance porn stars who are used purely for sex and not respected in any way, even though they have lots of money, end up hooked on drugs and feeling worthless, then die young.

Sending out bad energy to others, hurts you as much as your victim though. Others sending you bad energy does affect your life, people in the public eye risk a lot by being there.... hence, they have sold their soul to the Devil, the Devil here represents the dark side which is inside all of us, we can use our energy for good or bad. Using it for bad harms us, using it for good is a sacrifice, using it within ourselves helps us in the Great Work.

Temperance & Gluttony – This one is about having restraint and control over our need for overindulgence. When there is plenty of food, drink, drugs and all kinds available to us, it can be very tempting to abuse these things, none of which is good for us. At the same time to deny ourselves some pleasure is also not doing us any favours. You could compare it to treating yourself to a special home-cooked meal with fresh organic ingredients or stuffing your face with junk food from the local takeaway. From enjoying a nice drop of whisky in an evening, or a glass of wine with dinner, to binge drinking every weekend or becoming an alcoholic. It can also be related to gambling and other things that can become addictive if we overindulge. This one reminds us that nothing is actually a sin when it is in moderation.

Patience & Wrath – You only have to spend a little time online or looking a YouTube clips to find out how angry people seem to be these days. It is like most of them are waiting for someone to do something they can feel annoyed about or offended by then they can get out all their hate and anger on whoever it was that triggered the explosion. People who get angry and have aggressive outbursts often say they can't control this and that it isn't healthy to bottle it all up inside. However, having outbursts is NOT good for you, and it actually gives the person such an adrenaline rush that they start to get addicted to the feeling and that leads to even more nasty behaviour. Soon they are pushing away their friends, family and partner because they can no longer put up with their outbursts that can become violent.. walls are punched, things are broken and if this behaviour continues it could lead to them and others being seriously hurt, or worse still it can lead to murder.

When something is troubling you, you need to face it right away and ask yourself why it is troubling you, and learn to stop letting your emotions and worries about one thing be taken out on others. By no means I am saying to never let your hurt feelings out, but to talk about them calmly and resolve the issue is much better than letting problems stew inside you until one unfortunate person happens to get in your way and you take it all out on them. To be at peace you have to learn how to control this addiction to the adrenaline you feel when getting angry, because the consequences of your actions are not good.

Kindness & Envy – Humans are not the only animals who struggle with feelings of envy towards others around them, and it can be very self-destructive and lead to unpleasant behaviour. To see everyone around you as competition leads you to feel like you aren't good enough. Your neighbour got a new car, well then you must go out and get an even better one. Envy will actually lead you to have a voice in your head telling you that the only reason your neighbour got a new car was to show off and make you feel inadequate. You never stop to think that maybe the old car they had wasn't so reliable any more and they just wanted something better. YOU never even crossed their mind when they were choosing their new vehicle. Envy is strongly linked to narcissism because the envious soul truly believes people are only being better than them at something to hurt them. It can lead to becoming resentful and nasty to others. Opening your heart to kindness is the only way to overcome this. Being genuinely happy for other people's achievements and not allowing yourself to feel any envy can be difficult to conquer, but when you do and give up the need to have everything that everyone else has it is very freeing. So long as you have what you need, why be envious of anyone else? And even if you don't yet have what you need, being happy for others who already do have things is much more likely to lead you to achieve your own goals than envy ever will. With a clear mind and no need to impress others, you can get your priories straight, not get yourself in debt trying to keep up with others and make a better future for yourself. No one ever got themselves out of a bad situation by worrying about what everyone else is up to, if they focus on their own goals and targets, and be happy for others who have reached theirs, gratitude can lead to happiness.

Diligence & Sloth – If you spend your time doing nothing because you are too lazy to do anything to better your circumstances then you only have yourself to blame. Diligence is about work ethic but it can be as mundane as looking after your personal hygiene, even if you are alone, for your own well being. Giving in to the feeling of laziness is fine if you want few days break, but when you make a habit of doing nothing at all by wasting all your time, don't complain when you find you have become depressed. You should never think you are bored, there are simply too many things to do and experience in life for that. How many books are there to read? You once said you want to write a book, didn't you? How can you say you are bored and have nothing to do when you could be writing a book? You could be doing some art, making something, the possibilities are endless. Sloth is the reason so many who find themselves out of work, have such difficulty getting back into it. Doing nothing is easier than making the effort to achieve something each day. And when sloth becomes a habit, it is very hard to break. Give yourself a break every now and then, but give up on everything and allow yourself to be lazy for too long and it will ruin your life.

Charity & Greed – Have you ever wondered why so many people give to charity? It is usually to stop themselves feeling so guilty about their greed. Humans who have too much of something can't help but feel guilty about that, and for some it can be very small amounts of something. Inside the rich successful person will feel a bit like a fraud because they don't really understand why they have so much when others have nothing. They know it doesn't make sense that some people work so hard in manual labour jobs and get next to nothing, and yet they get to live a life of luxury. And although they might not admit this publicly, they will have thought about it a lot. Everyone, no matter who, has insecurities and self-doubts and giving to others can help heal the insecurities they feel about themselves inside. The voice inside of them is saying: “I can't be a bad person, how can I be when I just gave all this money to charity. Now I can enjoy my luxury life for a while more before the guilt comes back again”. Even the poorest people will feel this guilt about something, because no matter how little you have there will always be someone else who has less.

Humility & Pride – When the ego isn't in check it can lead to arrogant behaviour and the belief that one is better than everyone else. We see this a lot in those who set themselves up as gurus, spiritual teachers and life coaches. How arrogant do you think someone has to be to call themselves a guru to other people? How arrogant are they to believe they can give you advice on how to run your own life? Often with no official education, these pseudo-shrinks really do think they are the bee's knees. They would do well to have some humility and realise that they don't know everything and they can only ever be responsible for their own path, no one else's. They actually believe they are themselves illuminated and yet don't even realise that simple truth. Instead of trying to teach others things they themselves don't even know, they would do well to look inside and deal with their own daemons. Naive enlightenment tricks many and few escape it.

This was just a brief summary of how the 7 virtues and 7 deadly sins can affect our lives. Don't be fooled into thinking it has anything at all to do with religion, it is all about our own inside work and psychology. Looking into these 7 things can help you on your journey, it can help you face the things you are afraid to face about yourself.

Try to be brave, don't be worried about what you will discover when you look at your dark side, you cannot overcome things you are not willing to admit to.

Thursday, 14 January 2021

Creating Utopia

People often ask me about what would be a solution to the problems we are facing in modern societies. So many seem to think that if we take money from the rich and give it to the poor to make everyone equal we would suddenly live in a wonderful utopia. Unfortunately, that isn't true.

So what options do we currently have and why don't they work?

I am not going to use political terms to describe these systems because most people cannot see past those and don't realise that even when a “side” seems to be the complete opposite, it amounts to the same thing.

One of the systems we have is where the leaders control everything and own everything under the guise that it all belongs to the people. The citizens have their land and homes seized by the government. No one owns anything, they have to depend on the government for everything and they only get things from the government when they work like slaves to earn it. Some of these systems claim that they will look after those who can't work, but the reality is always much worse. The elderly and disabled are seen as a waste of food and resources that could be used for the fit healthy workers and so often times they are secretly euthanased by these regimes. The other people are powerless to do anything to help these vulnerable people because they themselves have no extra money, they are very poor and they themselves rely on whatever the government will give them. No one has the opportunity to move up in this system, they remain poor, like everyone else apart from those who are at the top, for their entire life. But the uncreative, the unintelligent and the unimaginative people like this system, they feel “equal” to everyone else.

The wealthy are protected in the system because they run the government and they own all the large government-run organisations where the rest of the population work.

The other system allows people to feel freer. They are told they can decide upon a few different choices that they vote for, all of them preach different ideas but they all amount to the same thing with just a few slightly different policies to appeal to people from different backgrounds. In this system people can own a house and a car, they must pay high taxes to the government on everything they earn and they can with luck, innovation, or hard work move up the ladder to become one of the wealthy. In this system, the poor workers wish they could have the other system above and would want that everyone is brought down to their level and so they wouldn't feel so envious. The middle classes have a few more luxuries but have to work very hard. The wealthy get taxed too, but the mega-rich who run everything always have ways and means to get out of that.

Both of these systems protect those who are running everything behind the scenes, and both systems have the rest of the people working like slaves their entire lives, the latter allowing for a short retirement if you last that long before dropping dead.

Neither of these systems are ideal, of course, the latter is better in so many ways. But because there are so many people these days it isn't like we can go back to small tribes and have barter, care and share systems, where everyone works doing the thing they are naturally drawn to and everyone helps out with the more mundane matters.

We also can't just take all the money in the world and spread it out equally, not when there are so many people. You might ask why. Well, think about it, if everyone on the planet suddenly won the lottery and knew they would have enough money to live off comfortably for the rest of their lives what do you think would happen? Everyone would instantly quit their jobs of course. We would have no Doctors, no nurses, no rubbish collections, no food grown/processed/packed/sold, the same for cars, clothes and everything else. We would all have lots of money but there would be nothing left to spend it on. No holidays to go on because there would be no one to fly us there.

It is very naive of anyone to think that someone works in mundane fields just for the fun it, because of course they don't. The whole system is set up to make sure everyone will be educated enough to perform certain duties that need doing to keep the society going and without those essential workers, there is no society.

So how can we make things fairer?

I'm afraid we can't, not while there are so many people. The only way would be to set up small tribes like the Theomerla project, but as we found out, people aren't ready for that, they feel more secure when they are working full time and paying taxes to the government. And even if the Theomerla dream came true we would still need to leave our sanctuary to visit the dentist, doctors and get surgery if we needed it. Unless the tribe managed to get people who were qualified in those things and knew what they were doing, which is again very difficult without the current system teaching them and providing them with the latest technology.

What we can do to improve things though is be kinder to others and not be so judgemental. Let's all be more willing to realise that everyone on this planet is suffering in some way and we should not add to that. It is easy to assume someone is happy and having a wonderful life when you are not walking in their shoes, don't know their pain and how they cry themselves to sleep at night. It doesn't matter how rich or poor someone is, we all suffer and we all appreciate kindness.

We get such a short time here, better to not waste it being angry, resentful and envious of others.