Saturday, 17 May 2014

Natural Selection

I see natural selection at work even in flies. I sit watching them come into the room through the open door, most of them just fly around, then head straight back to the door they came in from. However, the odd dumb one will fly around then forget where they came in and buzz round the room for ages. They then start attacking a closed window trying to get out. Obviously this fly will eventually die if it doesn't find its way out.

Nature knows how to breed out dumb, but unfortunately humans don't do this any more. Intelligent humans don't want to breed because they are not selfish and can see the effect over-population is having, it means that generally only the most stupid people are breeding. So we are working in reverse natural selection, meaning the population is getting dumber and dumber.

However, because of this, it does mean that a tipping point will come and they will all end up killing each other. Nature always wins in the end, but at what cost? The cost would be a lot lower if people were more educated and told about the impact of having too many children. One is enough for anyone and none is better.

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