Saturday, 16 February 2013

Is being homosexual an obstacle?

I get asked a lot of questions all the time through email, and when I answer I am answering only one person at a time. So now I will post questions and give my answers here.

Question: Do you think being homosexual is an obstacle for spiritual growth?

Answer: One could argue that any kind of 'sexual' is an obstacle, as lust is one of the things a spiritually aware person conquers and so can not be controlled by it.

If you are happy alone and feel complete alone, you are balanced. If you do not feel complete without this lust, then it will stop you progressing past the material world. People can use this against you, it can become an addiction and can stop you spiritually 'growing up'.

Of course a gay male will struggle more reaching illumination as he would not like to perform the Great Rite with a female, and unlike the assumptions of Aleister Crowley a gay male sexual act can not achieve illumination.

So therefore the male homosexual must find a path to enlightenment alone and in solitude and this is the origins of the gay celibate Priesthood. Only not all those who go into the Priesthood are ready to conquer their lust, and it has led to the abuse of children.

If you can not conquer your lust, this is the obstacle to spiritual growth for all, not just homosexuals.


  1. Do u mean sex is evil and should be avoided as christians say or what do u exactly mean plz make it clear

  2. Do u mean sex is evil and should be avoided plz explain what you mean by lust not having sex at all or what

  3. Do u mean sex is evil plz explain more

  4. No sex isn't evil, of course not. But if you are a sex addict and have sex with lots of people you are not only disrespecting them, you are disrespecting yourself. All addictions are bad news, doesn't matter what it is.

  5. but does this mean that a spiritual person should be totally unsexed ?

  6. No one can tell you what is right or wrong, it is your life and your decision to make. I have not said that it is unspiritual to have sex. Do what you please in life, so long as it hurts no one else.