Thursday, 3 March 2016

I like it, I'm just not willing to pay for it

I have been taking the time to create some hand crafted items lately, and I have put them up for sale on our Alchemist's Laboratory shop web site.

I then got this email from the sites contact form:

"I like those pentagrams you make and was about to buy one, then I saw the price, what f**king rip off!"

This was my reply:

Dear Mrs X,

Thanks for your email, and your feed back. I thought I would take the time get back to you
and explain a few things about those pentagrams I make.

For a start they take between one and half and two days make, that is one person working
on them all day until they are finished. They are also made up from materials that have
been paid for upfront in order for them to be made. Also while making them the artist needs
lighting and warmth to work properly.

If you take the UK minimum wage of £7.20 an hour, for the 16 hours it takes someone
to make one, that would be over £115. That is without the cost of the materials or
the heating and lighting which is also required to make them.

So quite frankly, if you want to spend that amount of time and money creating something
for yourself, go ahead. However if you like the product and you think it is overpriced,
I am terribly sorry, but as you can see above, it is actually under priced.

Thank you for your email, but on this occasion I am afraid the "nearly a customer" isn't right.

Kind regards

The Alchemist's Laboratory