Thursday, 12 May 2016

Is Friday 13th Unlucky?

Tomorrow is is Friday 13th, but don't be worried, it is just a day like any other.

13 has been demonised because it is associated with the lunar calendar which females who are menstruating follow. Before we had solar calendars of 12 months, we had lunar, which had 13 months.

Religions have always tried to demonise everything feminine, even being left handed was the work of the devil as left is seen as feminine and right masculine. In Latin left is sinistra (root of sinister). 

Friday was demonised because it is Freya's day, the only day of the week associated with a Goddess, rather than a God.

Put them both together and you have the most evil and unlucky day ever! Well maybe it is to those trying to hide and cover up the Divine Feminine. 

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