Wednesday, 27 February 2013

I am tactless, Sorry!

Some people say I am tactless for just speaking my mind. They don't realise my intention isn't to upset people. I say good positive things, and I also say something about things I disagree with, or don't like sometimes. Saying good things is fine, it is giving those who need it, narcissistic supply. But when I make a comment about something I disagree with or don't like, the person often gets very defensive and usually just attacks me.

I am the way I am because I prefer honesty to lies, I speak my mind and give my true opinion.

On Facebook I guess it isn't directly asked for, but then why do people add me to their contact list if they never want to hear my opinion about things?

Did they only join FB to be surrounded by people who will constantly tell them how wonderful they are and always agree with them?

I guess they must.

I think this is the difference between me and them. When I ask someone's opinion about something, I don't do it to get compliments and be told how wonderful everything is. I ask them so I can get their opinions and then I can either see what they mean and make changes and improve it, or say I don't agree and just stick to how it is, but at least they were honest with me.

If I post something on my FB wall and someone comments under it that they don't agree, I will discuss it with them and find out why they think that, and why I don't. I will look at their side and if needs be just accept we are never going to see eye to eye on that point. But I won't instantly hate that person and attack them and call them names because they don't agree with my opinion about something.

On name calling - I don't think calling someone an idiot, stupid, daft or silly is calling them names, it is just an expression for showing you don't approve of what they say. I could change it round to 'that is idiotic' or 'the whole idea is stupid' etc, but it saves time to just say someone is being an idiot. It is not said maliciously, and shouldn't be seen that way. It isn't making a personal insult to someone's appearance or any kind of bullying. You can call me an idiot all you want when you don't agree with me.

I call myself an idiot almost daily when I do absent minded silly, stupid and daft things, and I have a good laugh at myself. So don't be offended when I call you an idiot for doing, thinking or believing something silly, stupid or daft. If you can't laugh at yourself and admit your mistakes, you will never conquer your inner demons. Being an idiot is the human condition, just as much as being great is.
Please try to change your perception of 'tactless' people, as they are just telling you like it is. They are being genuine. They haven't spent hours thinking up what to say, they just say it and they have no ulterior motive.

A troll will just call someone names for no reason, that is completely different. When someone doesn't agree with something, it does NOT mean they are a troll.


  1. Hi plz would u explain the theolalite trinity the holy mother father and sacred child what does this mean? Is there three forces or gods?

  2. Umm, there's no need to call anyone names. Call yourself as many as you like but it does become trollish when done towards others. Besides, do you think name-calling will suddenly get someone to listen to and accept your point of view?

    1. I don't say that I call people names in the above article, read it again.