Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Greatest Speech Ever Made?

I have talked about this video before, but it doing the rounds again at the moment.

Most people who watch it have no idea about NLP and how it works. Do you feel emotional while watching this video? You are supposed to. Do you come away thinking we don't have an overpopulation problem? You are supposed to. Did you even notice how many times he says 'men/man', but never even mentioned women? Women aren't important, this video reinforces that.

After they have built up emotion with voice rolls and hand gestures, he then slips in the truth of what the video is about and trying to get you to mindlessly accept - the removal of national barriers and a one world government. Where all people are ruled over by the oligarchy of Eagles, and you will not be allowed to leave your zone. Your zone is where you work and your tiny box apartment will be, by the train track which takes you to work everyday, working as a slave to their system.

Oh yes they want you all to have jobs, doing stuff for them, making them more money. He mentions it in the video, men having work, as that makes them feel secure, lol.

The whole system is wrong, and this programs people to accept that wrongness as something good.

The out of bound zones will be for the Eagles only. They will say it is bad for the environment for you to go there, as it is growing space for the GMO food. With the amount of slaves they want making money for them it will mean there will be no room for organic foods to grow. It is myth that the Eagles want to depopulate, they want more and more people, so they have more and more slaves making money for them, no amount of money is ever enough for them.

All of this is wrote down in Agenda 21, and it is coming, unless we the people wake up and realize that being slaves is not natural to us. We are the only animals on the planet who have to work in order to be allowed to live here. Don't get me wrong, it isn't money that is the problem, it is the greed of the Eagles that is the problem, who are passing that lust for money down to the Simples.

Why can we not say get lost to the lot of them, and set up barter, care and share systems like we used to? Trade of services etc. Instead we are forced to get money to pay the bills, and keep a roof over our head, and pay our taxes etc etc. This is not natural, this is not how we are supposed to live. Do you really think Agenda 21 is something new? Just listen to this speech again, bearing in mind what I have just said.

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