Sunday, 2 August 2020

Find The Truth

Truth isn't easy to find, no one is just going to hand it to you. It doesn't come through faith, it doesn't come from believing what you are told and it doesn't come from an authority. Only a skeptic can ever hope to find it because they will question everything and everyone, and they will never believe without experiencing it for themselves.

There is a big price to pay for truth, it doesn't come free, nothing worth having ever did. You will suffer for having an inquiring mind, for not fitting in. You will probably be an outcast for daring to think for yourself.

But one thing you can be sure of; truth does not come to the believer - it is found by the skeptic.

Thursday, 26 March 2020

The New Sun King

Anyone who knows my work or has read my books will know the significance of 11.

Prince Charles, I believe, will never be King, he wasn't right for the role from day one. However, William was born on 21st June 1982 = 11. Not only born on the summer solstice on his birthday this year he will reach the age of 38 3+8=11. The new Sun King.

Prince Charles now has Covid-19 and it is believed he might have already had it before he last visited the Queen, meaning the Queen might have it too. If they were to both die of the new "Crown" virus that will leave the way clear for the new King.

That isn't all, his Queen Kate Middleton is also 38 right now = 11 and her date of birth 9th January 1982 = 3 she is the feminine that illuminates the King. It takes a Queen to make a King.

Let's see if this all plays out in the coming months, we live in interesting times.

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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Visual, Auditory or Kinaesthetic?

It doesn't matter how down I am, or how horrible things get, there is one thing that always makes me feel better. It has been with me since I was a little girl, when I surrounded myself with it, dressed in it and collected as many things as possible that are it. That special warm wonderful thing is the colour purple. I have always loved it and it always manages to cheer me up.  Now all these years later it is still with me, making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I see its magnificence. I have always been a visual person and colours are very important to me. In the past I have liked other colours a lot as well, in phases, but no other colour has ever compared to purple, not ever. If you don't have a special colour, you are probably not a visual person. Although if the sight of something relaxes you more than anything else... like tree tops swaying, watching the sea, looking at a beautiful landscape, then you could be a visual person too.

Everyone has a sense that is more acute in them, three of the five sensory based modes seem to dominate in mental processing:

  • Visual thoughts - sight, mental imagery, spatial awareness.
  • Auditory (or linguistic) thoughts - sound, speech, dialogue, white noise.
  • Kinaesthetic (or proprioceptive) sense - somatic feelings in the body, temperature, pressure, and also emotion.

The other two senses, gustatory (taste) and olfactory (smell), which are closely associated, often seem to be less significant in general mental processing, and are often considered jointly as one.

If you are Auditory person music will comfort and relax you more than anything else, or even talking. An Auditory person is more likely to feel stressed in complete silence than the other groups. Hearing the singing of birds, the sea waves rolling in and out, or even white noise is much more relaxing to them.

Maybe you get comfort from being hugged, or wrapped up in something soft, or to touch soft textures more than anything else? Then you a Kinaesthetic person who is more in touch with feelings and needs to be touched, and feel textures against you to feel comforted.

Which are you? It is certainly something interesting to think about, and will also help you understand better what will cheer you up when you are feeling low.

First posted 8th December 2012 Source

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Covert Narcissists & The Narcissists No One Ever Talks About

How so many fall into a pit of narcissistic abuse.

Don't ever think that you could not be fooled by a narcissist, they are much more prevalent than you think. The covert narcissist is much harder to spot, because unlike other narcissists who openly admit they think they are better than everyone else, the covert narcissist, who is much more dangerous, will often come across publicly like a pillar of the community. They will be involved in charities, religions and community projects. It would appear on the surface that these are good people, that they care, or even that they are altruistic.

The hard reality often is that these people are covert narcissists, who only partake in anything charitable at all because it helps them build up their fake public image. And they guard this fake public image that they work so hard on, ferociously. If you were to spot one of these covert narcissists and publicly unmask them, be prepared for wrath like you have never known. The covert narcissist will reveal their full fury to you and only to you, and they will set about ruining you, they do this so that you come across as the nasty person who wants to tarnish their squeaky clean holier than thou reputation. They will make sure you suffer.

So what should you do if you discover you are dealing with a covert narcissist?

If you can, remove yourself quietly, it might be tempting to try to expose them, but you are the one who will come off worse. They are experts at manipulation and they know how to get people to believe anything they say. They just have to show them the list of good deeds they have done and play the victim, they are good at playing the victim and they actually enjoy this kind of manipulation. Yes that is right, they will probably even tell people that is YOU who is a narcissist and they are just the poor victim.

Tactics to deal with the unmasked covert narcissist.

Whatever you do, don't lose your cool and have an outburst, they WILL push all your buttons, they will try to make you look like you are in the wrong and they are prefect and can do no wrong, they might even have you doubting yourself. But as soon as you lose your cool and have an outburst you have given them exactly what they want. They will use this outburst against you, to prove you are “angry” and “out of control”.

Get them out of your life as soon as possible. This is done by gradually cutting down contact, being less available to them, by being too busy with other things until eventually they will give in and look for a new supply.

Of course this is much harder if you are in a relationship and living with a narcissist, but still possible to become so distant and unavailable to them, while still being nice to them when they are there and pretending nothing is wrong, until they eventually leave on their own accord.

Remember, the more upset and stressed they make you, the more supply they get, so always remain calm around them and don't give them what they need. This forces them to move on.

Not everyone who does good is a narcissist.

Not everyone who does good deeds is a covert narcissist, there are genuinely good people out there who have hearts of gold and don't care about their reputation, they just enjoy helping and the love they get back from those they help to them is better than any other kind of gain. We cannot afford to be suspicious of everyone who does good things.

Then there are the narcissists no one ever talks about.

When someone has been the victim of a narcissist, it can take many years to heal and get over it, some never get over it and unfortunately this can create a new narcissist. The victim of a narcissist can become one themselves. Because their self esteem has been battered down repeatedly during a long relationship with a narcissist, they are emotionally and physically drained, and they need to spend many years building themselves back up and this is often done by draining others. They may suffer from depression and anxiety, they need constant reassurance that they are good enough and so it becomes that the narcissist has now created another narcissist.

One of the worse things about these narcissist victims is their constant need to protect themselves from other people, people who they think could be narcissists. Not only have they taken on the traits of the narcissist that abused them, they then try to accuse everyone else of being a narcissist and are eternally suspicious of everyone they encounter.

What can we do?

If someone says they were in an abusive relationship and are trying to heal, we cannot mend them by telling them how great they are, how much we respect them, how beautiful they are, how good they are at something... No amount of saying these things will ever get through to them. They won't believe you and all it does is drain you.

All we can ever do is tell someone that if they want to heal they must become self sufficient. So long as they need other people to reassure them, they will never heal.

As with all things, one must look within. It is something people will do anything to avoid, but is the only way.

“Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.”

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Blood Racism - Are you a blood racist?

What is blood racism?

I think it is about time I addressed blood racism. I have encountered this on my youtube channel and in our group on FB. It is when someone of a certain blood type either imagines they are superior or inferior to those of another blood type. I myself am sometimes accused of this because I tell the truth about the origins of the blood types, plus the traits and differences between the types in my books Secrets of the Serpent Bloodline and Blood Type Personality. I never once anywhere imply that any blood type is better than any other. I do however say that people of certain genetics are more likely to find certain things easier, like connecting to their genetic memories, as the purer your line is, the easier it will be to go back further down the ancestral memories.

The most blood racist man in history was A positive.

Let us also remember that probably the most blood racist man in history was Adolf Hitler and he had A positive blood. He wanted to kill off anyone with Rh negative blood which included Jews, Bretons, Celts and many more ancient people.

His anger at the world was apparent, he felt inferior to Rh negatives and so wanted to kill them all in a jealous rage. I recognise this rage in others I encounter too. They accuse me of blood racism, when they themselves are seething in a jealous rage because they feel inferior, and so they strike out at me and make really terrible personal insults about me. Talking about me like I am the worst person in the world, a very real projection from their inner psyche. Just because you don't like some or all of the information I provide about the different blood groups, it doesn't mean it is a personal attack at you, so then why do you use it as justification to make personal attacks at me or anyone else for that matter?

I recognise this anger in them and their misguided sense of inferiority as it is something Mary Magdalene told us about in her teachings.

Peter said to Mary "Sister, why are these people so angry that surround us? Why can they not know the peace brought by our teachings?"

Mary answered, saying, "They choose not to look for the answer where they can find it, they seek happiness, but look in the wrong places. They want to find peace, there is no Being not capable of finding this peace, but they have found a truth that pains them and before they can heal they must be ready to walk through the shadows, and welcome the light at the other side."

Peter asked, "What truth can cause so much pain?"

Mary answered, "The truth about times long gone, the truth about the origin to which they belong. To live wanting more than this causes pain, the truth is not what causes the pain."
Peter asked, "Sister, how can someone want more than the truth? Doesn't the truth free us?"
Mary answered, "The truth can only hurt us when we refuse to accept it, acceptance is the key to start on the path to finding inner peace. We choose not which line into which we are born, therefore we should find peace in our differences and strengths, as much as our similarities and weaknesses. The line of the Divine Grail is within our family, this makes it our mission to help and support all our children, of all lines, it matters not which they are born into. For our mistakes we must endure and find balance from the ashes of the torment they create."
The Hidden Teachings of Mary Magdalene. II

We live in a world full to the top with diversity, no two people are the same, no two animals are the same, not even identical twins with the exact same DNA are the same, we are all unique and we are all different.

Shouldn't we be free to talk about the origins of our ancestors without people getting so upset?

Shouldn't we be glad that we all unique and different and rejoice in those differences?

What difference do you really think it would make to your life if you came from a different line and had a different blood type?

While we continue to fight each other and hate each other the world turns into a more horrible place for all of us. How about we all decide to make it a better place instead?

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Insecurity is the problem

Something that never ceases to bug me is when people, more often than not those don't even know their target, decide to belittle and taunt others, constantly pointing out what they, in their ill formed brainwashed by the media mind, have decided are flaws.

You cannot have debate with these people, you might as well just walk away, because they cannot do anything other than parrot the things they have been programmed to by the media.

If you are one of those insecure sanctimonious fools who feels the need to constantly put others down, to feel better about yourself and your miserable life, then I have news for you - there is no "normal" you might think you are normal, but who has dictated your idea of normal to you? The media? Yes no doubt, and since when does the media have a monopoly on what is or isn't normal?

There of course are those who point to supposed studies done by highly paid scientists, to provide the results they are supposed to, in what way does that make it fact? It doesn't. And when the media decides they no longer want those results, they will simply come up with another study to prove something else.

Then weak willed people will follow and think that is now normal and anyone who doesn't fit into that is a freak, or unhealthy, or a bad person. That is bullshit! Anyone with a brain can see that, so what does it say about those who try to force people to change and fit it?

Telling someone you don't even know that they are ugly, obese, too short, too tall, too skinny, unhealthy or whatever, is not helping them, so who does it help? The media of course, or should I say those who control the media, you know the ones who have products to sell, products that the weak willed need to fit in - you smell, no problem they have all kinds of chemical crap for you to spray all over yourself - you are too fat, no problem they have a diet plan or diet pills for you to take - you are too short, no problem they have these overpriced designer high heeled shoes that will cripple you - you are too ugly, no problem we have this chemical gunk for you to smear all over your face.... It goes on an on.

And don't you dare pretend you are insulting someone for their own good, you don't know the person and you certainly don't care about them, so stop pretending you do as an excuse to make remarks about their appearance. People only insult the appearance of others when they are insecure themselves. Your actions are no better than those of a school yard bully.

Next time you feel the need to tell someone they are too this or that, stop yourself and think about what you are doing and why.

I will also add that this is not a freedom of speech issue, it is about being a decent human being who shouldn't feel the need to make nasty comments about someone else's appearance, for no other reason than your own self hate and insecurity. 

Monday, 25 July 2016

Judeo-Christian Culture Is Better Than Any Other

It seems that everywhere I go on the internet these days Milo Yiannopoulos and his ill informed opinions are shoved down my throat.

What things are wrong with Milo Yiannopoulos? 

Well where do I start - he hates himself. He says he is gay, but wishes he wasn't because that would mean he was a better person and within the same breath he says that gay men have higher IQs! Well he obviously doesn't for coming out with complete nonsense like that.

He says lesbians don't exist, he quotes absolutely ridiculous research to try to prove his point. I guess he thinks that no human being could possibly not find men attractive. A woman has no need to pretend she doesn't fancy men, just like a gay male has no need to pretend he doesn't fancy women, it is what it is and no research done on a handful of women will change what women do or don't find attractive.

He says that the only good cultures in the world are the result of Judeo-Christian religions. PLEASE!! Just more proof of his hatred of women and himself. Judeo-Christian religions hate women just as much, if not more, than Islam does, they also hate gays! How soon one forgets the horrors of the inquisition - all those women burnt to death for daring to have opinions, or trying to heal someone, for having red hair, for having a birth mark, for being too pretty, for not letting a man shag her, or basically doing anything that a man didn't like!

How quickly people forget what living under these backwards religions is like. Maybe Milo and others who support Judeo-Christian religions should be forced to wear a Scold's Bridle, or be tied up and ducked into water until dead or burnt at the stake and see how they like putting up with how it was for women under Judeo-Christian culture!

If it wasn't for the enlightenment period where people started to use their brains we would still be in those dark ages of Judeo-Christian religion. 

Britain First, the political party, keep pushing the UK as a Christian country too. What is Stonehedge and all other ancient monuments? Scotch Mist? Maybe he thinks they were built by the Roman invaders who brought their hate filled religion to the shores of the UK? Nope, sorry, they were built by people who didn't worship Gods, they venerated nature and the natural cycles of the Earth and the planets that influence us here; they venerated their ancestors, as they knew that is where they came from and who they are. They knew they were not created by some imaginary sky daddy god, they came from their Mother and all life on Earth is nourished by the Great Mother Earth.

Milo Yiannopoulos is just an insecure, self hating, whingy, narcissistic, Catholic (yep, unlike most Catholics he admits he is gay and hates women), attention seeking little boy. So no need to watch his videos or read his rubbish.

Hoping he will just fade into the background and learn to shut up, doubtful, but we can but hope.

Hoping all religions will just fade into the background and learn to shut up too, but that is also doubtful, too many insecure idiots like Milo support them.