Thursday, 8 January 2015

Feminism is not a dirty word

Last week I posted a link to an article about an Actress in the Big Bang Theory, here is the link.
I posted that I think she can't be very bright for her stupid comment about her not being a "feminist". I see it all the time, women who are clearly not very bright or trying to impress men, slagging off other women and then claiming that all women who are feminists are only feminists because they hate men and are ugly. All that tells me is that these women are not only self hating insecure and very naive, but they have no idea what feminism is.

Feminism is simply the belief that women have the right to choose what they want to do with their own life, have the option to have a career and that they are human too. That they are not only put on Earth to breed, look after children and men, because they aren't. Men are perfectly capable of looking after themselves and children, they can't give birth to children themselves, and this is main reason why patriarchy has tried to control women and keep them thinking small (the purpose is to get them to breed for men, produce sons, because let's face it, patriarchy will have you believing women aren't important.), stopping them having an education, a right to vote, a right to patent their inventions and ideas. All of which without feminism women still wouldn't have to this day and in some countries they still don't!

We still have a long way to go, that is very evident when women like Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting say ignorant things like they do. Without realising how much they have in their life now that they wouldn't have, without those feminists, that they claim to hate and despise so much.

I watched a video the other day by Mark Dice (disinformation agent) where he slags off all women who don't agree with Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, implying that feminists were only upset at her because she said she cooks for her husband, No, that isn't the reason a feminist would be annoyed about what she said, who cares if she likes cooking? A lot of men like cooking too. She would soon change her tune if she was forced to cook every single day and she would soon get all huffy and upset if she was told she isn't allowed to do her acting, because a woman's place is in the home serving her man full time.

Any woman who likes to have an opinion about anything at all, is a feminist. So Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, if you don't want to be a feminist, stop acting and stop thinking you have the right to an opinion.

A movement I have seen slagging off feminists is the men's movement (MGTOW). What a bunch of absolute ridiculousness! It is hilarious but also worrying listening to these men and their misogynistic rantings, how they moan on and on about how hard done to they are, and how much they hate feminists.

Then they say, women should pay for themselves, women should pay 100% of the costs of raising children, women should do all the housework, women should do as men say.

Basically they want women working and so being able to pay for everything themselves (feminists are more likely to be able to do this if they have jobs, but they hate feminists?), but at the same time they are saying women are stupid and incapable of doing anything without a man. They say that women have never invented anything!! --- Patriarchy in the past made sure women never get any credit for what they do invent, so that all ideas and inventions by women were put in the name of their husbands or fathers.

They also say women can't use computers... funny that seeing as I have been using, programming, building, networking and all kinds.. computers since I was a kid. Again, blatant misogyny.

The thing I find the most funny about the MGTOW movement is the women involved, remember these are the men who slag feminists off, saying they are all ugly and hate men, but you should see the women connected to MGTOW!! Not that I am vain person or judge people by how they look, but if ever I saw someone who looked butch or manly, it is the women of MGTOW.

I have also heard these whinging pathetic excuses for human beings saying that women are the cause of wars, because men fight for power to get more money for women!

They say women are all naturally attracted to the idea of staying at home and looking after kids. Funny that, I have never wanted kids and don't like being around kids and actually can't stand how noisy they are, and do everything I can to avoid them. And I enjoy my work - writing, being creative, always loved computers. I am analytical and logical. I can think for myself too.

I realise that much of modern feminism reemerged through the Marxist agenda as a way to get more worker slaves, and this is what is so wrong with society as it is now. If a couple decide to have children, then one of them should have the option to stay at home and look after them full time. It doesn't matter which one, or even if they take turns, so long as one parent is always there for the children. However it has now become the norm for both parents to work full time, as it is the only way to afford to live. Children get passed around to grandparents, friends and hired help, and see very little of their parents. The pressures of working full time and trying to bring up children is a very stressful, which can often lead to the breakdown of the relationship. This is completely wrong, and not how things should be. But this is NOT the fault of feminism, it is the fault of greedy power hungry oligarchy, and we should not blame each other, we should blame them.

The problem with MGTOW is that it wants all women to fit into their idea of what a woman should be and because they don't, they hate them.

Everyone is different, men are different to other men, and women are different to other women. The only kind of movement we need is one that gives everyone freedom of choice to do whatever they choose to do in their life. Be The Solution.

So men of MGTOW, you are free to go your own way, but don't start treating women like shit, just because they won't do what you want them to do, or be what you want them to be. Either find one who is compatible with you, or go your own way completely and leave them be, quit moaning about it because you can't get a date! Sandman on YouTube is a prime example of a moaning little dork who can't get a date.

A few years ago I got talking to a guy online from a dating site, we exchanged numbers and as soon as I said I was a feminist (he asked) that was it, the abuse and insults started, he sent me loads of videos from these MGTOW lot on YouTube, which is how I found out about them. He hacked my computer, started ringing me up at all hours hurling abuse at me, saying I'm a whore and that women are whores. This is the kind of man MGTOW produces, as well as that bloke in the US who went round shooting people because he said he couldn't get a date.

Thing is guys, if the women you meet sense your insecurity and desperation, they won't like you, they will know there is something not right about you, and they will run a mile. So the more you get into movements like MGTOW and the more you hate women, the more you will scare women away and the worse the situation gets.

I get men and some women, posting insults under my YouTube videos, sometimes just saying "this sounds feminist". I am a feminist, however telling the truth about matriarchal cultures that have been systematically destroyed by patriarchy, doesn't mean they are feminist, they are just the facts - they don't hate men, they dislike patriarchy, and that is not the same thing as hating men.

I wrote this article about feminism, and I explained what feminism is above. What feminism isn't, is hating men, someone might hate men and also be a feminist, but that is not what feminism is. Anyone who says it is, is wrong.