Thursday, 7 May 2015

Why I don't vote

No matter who you vote for in a general election, it makes no difference at all. Your vote is just showing that you approve of the current system and how society is set up. Maybe you are happy with how things are? Maybe you think spending money on weapons and wars to give more money to the oligarchy is great? Then fine, vote.

The whole election pantomime is set up and publicised in order to make you believe you have a choice in what happens to the country you live in. When in reality voting just proves you enjoy your slavery.

It is tempting to vote isn't it?

You see everyone else talking about it and getting all angry about why they are voting for one colour or another, and your ego tells you that you deserve to have a vote too. They work on your ego, you want to have your say. They make you believe that all you have to do is put a tick in a box and magically all the changes you crave will suddenly happen - sorry it doesn't work that way. Making changes to any kind of system takes hard work.

Fear is also a major factor in why people vote, this is also played on. You might think about those women who went through all kinds to get the vote. How many times are you told that if you mention you aren't going to vote? Pretty often I would think. So you vote, thinking that something will be taken away from you if you don't, when all along you had nothing and unless the current system changes you never will.

I have also been told that I should turn up and destroy my ballot paper. Why? No one knows it was you who destroyed your paper, it will just get put on the reject pile and your name will be in the system as someone who voted. Meaning you are being a good little mind controlled slave and validating their system.

The only way we can ever hope to make changes to the system is by rejecting it. That means not voting and hoping that others will become aware of what they are doing and stop voting too.

What voting says to the oligarchy:

  • You think the system is good and approve of it.
  • You are under mind control and can't think for yourself.
  • You live in fear.
  • You are letting your false ego guide you.
  • You enjoy your slavery.
  • You don't want anything to change.

What not voting says to the oligarchy:

  • You disapprove of the system.
  • You can think for yourself.
  • You don't live in fear of them.
  • You are not being driven by false ego.
  • You are not willing to put up with being a slave.
  • You want to see change.

We are natural born human beings, born on a planet that we are told to live on we must work as slaves to give more money and resources to the oligarchy.

No I won't be voting.

By Tau Tia L Douglass