Thursday, 26 May 2016

Is one child enough?

With the mounting problems overpopulation is bringing to the planet, many morally conscious couples will question whether they should have children at all, or maybe just one is enough? This article is about the problems and advantages of having just one child.

There are lots of advantages for having just one child. The child will not have to share the love and attention of the parents with other siblings, the parents will have more money for the child's upbringing and education than if they have several children. The first born child is always the golden child, the one who gets most of the attention and the best of everything, where as second children just get hand me downs and a life full of being an after thought and second best, this is avoided when you only have one child. There will be no favouritism in a one child family and no sibling rivalry.

Studies have shown that often first born children are not only more intelligent and healthier than second born children, they also do better in life than their younger siblings. If you grow up feeling loved and wanted, you are much more likely to develop strong and healthy, those who are brought up feeling unloved often lag behind in their mental development, and have the tendency to have physical and mental health problems. Of course there are always exceptions, but in general this has been found to be true.

Parents might think they are treating all their children equally, even if they do secretly admit to themselves that they have a favourite. But children are very perceptive and the second born will know they are not as important and often won't try at school. They grow up with a sense of not being good enough, they are doomed to be the black sheep of the family and in their teenage years will often play up on this, usually as a cry for help and attention seeking. They don't feel loved and will probably suffer throughout life with depression and many failed relationships, deep down they don't feel like they deserve to be loved. If given the choice would you be a first or second born?

The bad side of having one child - the spoilt brat syndrome - oh yes, we all know someone with this. The child who has been mollycoddled by their parents so much that they have a sense of entitlement that continues on into their adulthood. It can lead to terrible mood swings when they don't get their own way. Children with no siblings can get too much attention from their doting parents and end up never wanting to leave home, the big bad world is scary to them because they have lived a life of being wrapped in cotton wool. And although the only child might excel at school and in academia, they rarely want to leave their home town to pursue their career to the full. They need an extra push to do things. Sometimes the only child might meet and marry someone who provides this push they need and with this they can achieve great things.

As the only child is a first born they usually have excellent health, however they have a tendency to be hypochondriacs. This is because it gets them even more attention and affection from their doting parents.

Having siblings can be positive in many ways too, especially if they are of a similar age. They can look out for each other, protect each other and learn to share their toys. These are all positives to having more than one child.

So there is good side to having one child and a bad side, although the bad sides are things that can be corrected easily with better parenting skills. The child also needn't miss out having something similar to a sibling if you have friends with similar aged children.

Do you think the bad side of having just one child outweighs the good?

Friday, 13 May 2016

The Scapegoat

I am often a scapegoat for the unbalanced and unstable amongst us. This world is full to the top with unbalanced, unstable people who secretly hate themselves, but show outwardly a saint-like appearance, a mask.

This is something I have wrote about often, everyone's need to demonise those who are happy, balanced and somewhat outspoken and blunt.... How dare someone say something that the insecure are secretly thinking themselves, but dare not say publicly! How dare they have the confidence to not care what other people think about them! When the whingy little victim who is offended and triggered by anything and everything is so scared to offend anyone.

A scapegoat is very welcome to these unbalanced people, what a relief it is for them to get angry and hateful towards a target other than themselves for a change.

They cry when they are alone, cry for the sake of crying, cry because they are still stuck in victimhood and childhood, they are scared to grow up and face the facts.

Everyone does have a dark side, and think things that they are scared to admit to when they are insecure. Acting like the sun shines out of your arse and then attacking anyone who dares to say those things is scapegoating. It is using the other person as mirror, you see yourself and your dark side in them, you see them saying the things you have thought yourself and you don't like those thoughts, usually because of peer pressure, brought on through programming by the mainstream media. This is the true meaning of the phrase "I am a mirror" I have said this to people when they attack me for no other reason than them being offended by something I have said, another name for it is "projection".

The phrase "I am a mirror" is also used incorrectly by the new age movement, turning words against us yet again. I have talked about this in another article here. To those people it means they will reflect back any negative thoughts that others say, like a shield that helps them bury their head in the sand and stop them having to face things. All this does is mean they ignore other people who talk sense to them, ignore their own dark side and keep it all to themselves, they won't admit to their bad thoughts or anything negative at all in the world. They feel they don't need to work on themselves spiritually, because they are already enlightened - naive enlightenment. Then when a scapegoat appears they use all that negative energy they have been denying and keeping to themselves, and they spew hate, they swear, they call you horrible nasty things and all that bitterness and resentment, of themselves, comes flowing out.

I know why people attack me and continue to deny their own faults, and their own dark side. But at times it can be hard for me to cope with, I am not invincible, I do have feelings too! If it is someone I don't know I will often just block them and move on, I realise they are not ready to face their fears and work on themselves, and anything I say to them will either fall on deaf ears or be purposely misconstrued and used to further their attack on me. It is better to just walk away and let them think I am pure evil, ignorant or stupid, or whatever insult they can think of to push on me, then they don't have to look within and deal with their own daemons.

Yeah I am often a scapegoat, but it isn't like I don't know why.

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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Is Friday 13th Unlucky?

Tomorrow is is Friday 13th, but don't be worried, it is just a day like any other.

13 has been demonised because it is associated with the lunar calendar which females who are menstruating follow. Before we had solar calendars of 12 months, we had lunar, which had 13 months.

Religions have always tried to demonise everything feminine, even being left handed was the work of the devil as left is seen as feminine and right masculine. In Latin left is sinistra (root of sinister). 

Friday was demonised because it is Freya's day, the only day of the week associated with a Goddess, rather than a God.

Put them both together and you have the most evil and unlucky day ever! Well maybe it is to those trying to hide and cover up the Divine Feminine. 

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