Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Recognise the truth from within

I am just going through the Grail group on Facebook, as I delete all the posts, now we have moved over to the new site, and came across this post. It is still just as relevant today as it was then, so I thought I would post it here before deleting it.

11th October 2013

So many don't understand just how exhausting being asked the same questions over and over again is. That is why I wrote all the articles and blogs, made videos and wrote a book. So I don't have to keep repeating myself over and over again. But when I tell them this they say they don't want to buy a book, or watch videos, or read web sites, they just want me to answer them personally. Why? Are they vultures or something? Do they think it will some how be different me copy and pasting it into a personal message to them, than them reading it on a web site themselves?
If you are not a seeker, you will never find, even though it is right in front of you and all you have to do is watch or read. If you are not ready you always find an excuse as to why you can't understand. 
So don't get mad at me for constantly saying it is in my book, because I am trying not to lose patience with you when you ask me the same questions over and over again. At the end of the day what does it really matter what I think or say? If you haven't learnt how to know the truth when you see it yet, it isn't going to make any difference anyway, you will just think I have some kind of agenda for telling you what I tell you. Until you learn recognise the truth, from within, you might as well stop looking.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

What to say to idiots who think GMOs are a good idea

I had a conversation about GMO. The name of the numpty has been removed to protect the guilty:

Him "I think GM could potentially be a big boost in developing nations, however the marketing, patents, enforcement, business practices of Monsanto are diabolical and should be stopped."

Me "You have been misled about GM, they could destroy everything, and they help with nothing. They are purely for profit and ultimately control of the food supply."

Him "I said potentially, after all we have been modifying food and animals for millennia. I would point out I have not been misled, I have read papers from an informed and educated stance, not biased data that had been discredited but still repeated by pressure groups and tinfoil hat wearers on Facebook. They are being used for profiteering. In countries like this that face real food shortages every year, increased yields or increased resistance would bring real benefit. However, subsistence farmers cannot afford them."

Me "Oh yes you have been misled and you are showing your ignorance there, A LOT.

You’re right, Farmers have used selective breeding for ages to increase the robustness and output of their crops and to produce and encourage other desirable traits. But there are some pretty huge differences between the techniques they have traditionally used and the high-tech ones being implemented today on mega farms that produce GM corn, cotton, soy, and canola (the four crops largely converted to GM technology so far). Put it this way: If traditional selective breeding is like two people with two different sets of genes being paired up by a matchmaker who thinks they’ll have pretty, healthy kids together, then modern high-tech GM breeding is like Victor Frankenstein slicing ‘superior’ body parts out of fifteen different corpses and using them to sew together his powerful, yet frighteningly unpredictable, monster.

To make a GM plant, scientists need to isolate DNA from different organisms—bacteria, viruses, plants, and sometimes animals (or humans if the target gene is a human gene). They then recombine these genes biochemically in the lab to make a "gene construct," which can consist of DNA from five to fifteen different sources. This gene construct is cloned in bacteria to make lots of copies, which are then isolated. Next, the copies are shot into embryonic plant tissue (microprojectile bombardment), or moved into plant tissue via a particular bacterium (Agrobacterium) that acts as a vector. After getting the construct copies into the embryonic plant tissue, whole plants are regenerated. Only a few plants out of many hundreds will turn out to grow normally and exhibit the desired trait—such as herbicide resistance.

All in all, I don't want to ever eat that crap, and anyone who says someone is a dim witted tin foil hate wearer for not wanting to, is in fact a complete idiot themselves."

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Why Do They Lie?

When I explain to people that religions and spirituality are riddled with psychopaths who call themselves gurus or life coaches, etc. I am asked why do they mislead us?

"Why do they tell us in their books that aliens are real, and that I am a special indigo starseed moonbeam?"

Simply because they can. As an empathic person yourself, who is seeking answers and wanting to improve yourself and the world around you, you are a prime target for psychopaths who will treat you like little children.

They believe they are superior to you, and therefore just like we as adults will play fantasy games with children, by telling them Santa is real and play along with make believe games, so will the psychopath with you.

They will play with your mind, they find fun and power in feeling superior, so superior that they can afford to condescend to what they feel is your ridiculous level and play along with your little fantasies for a while. They see you are harmless, but a source of narcissistic supply, power and of course cash, so why would they not go along with your make-believe?

If they meet someone who thinks she's beautiful or smart or talented? Or think they are special (indigo, starseed, alien)?.. Then they don't see that there is anything wrong with lying. Remember you are a silly child, and they are superior, they like it that way.

Alone, away from their book signings and tours, in private, they will be drinking a beer and having a good old laugh at those silly fools who believe all the crap they write about.

People get angry at me for debunking this stuff, when really they should be angry at those who are actively lying to them, by pandering to their ego. But it is always more enjoyable to have your ego massaged than face reality isn't it? Well no, the truth is beautiful, try finding that inside yourself, and you will see.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Truth About Life Coaches

I have never once met someone who describes themselves as a "life coach" who wasn't an extremely insecure narcissist who needs constant adoration and the need to feel important. These are often the very ones who should be working on themselves before attempting to help others. They can be dangerous to vulnerable people, have superficial charm and will drain you of narcissistic supply until it runs out, then they disappear and you will wonder what hit you. Stay well away!!

If you are feeling vulnerable, depressed, lonely and looking for advice, ask your Higher Self, not some overpriced "Life Coach" who wants to bleed you dry.

Do the Great Work.

Things insecure "Life Coaches" have said to me during conversations that didn't provide them with the narcissistic supply they need, I will add to it when I get more ;)

"Knowing posh words etc doesn't mean you are right." LOL never said it did.
 "Writing a book is a waste of time, I did that years ago." After he found out I wrote a book.
"Psychology is all bullshit, I used to study it." After finding out about my qualifications. The same guy didn't know who Carl Jung was.

Unless all Life Coaches stay away from me after this, more coming soon....

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

I Am Just Following Orders

I have encountered all kinds of ridiculousness in my time, but some things really frustrate me and I am not willing to just sit back and do nothing about it. This post is about what happened today.

I was going shopping with my Mum and we were in her car. I had to pick up a parcel at the Royal Mail pick-up place so we called there first.

The place you pick up your parcel is a little corridor with a window that the Postal staff pass the parcels through. I had the card they had left in my post box and some ID, as I knew they had changed the rules and that now everyone must provide ID to get their parcels.

When I got there a woman around my age was inside and someone else, but I couldn't see past her, I could hear her talking to someone else inside. I stood outside then they wouldn't have to push past me to get out. When the woman my age came out I went inside. An elderly lady was inside, I gave my card to the man in the window.

I noticed the lady was crying, she was a tiny little thing and very frail looking, and I was worried that she had been taken ill. I asked her what is wrong and she told me that she had walked there to get a parcel and she had forgotten her ID but they wouldn't give her the parcel.

I asked the man behind the window if he could make an exception for once, as she is clearly distressed. They were refusing, telling me that they are not allowed to and they were trying to get her to sit down inside another room through the door, but she was scared. I told her I would take her home and she seemed happy about that, I think she was worried about walking home. The manager then asked to talk to me privately and said she had been abusive to the staff because of the rules. After me saying they should just give it her and blow the rules for once, he then said that if I was taking her home they would give me the parcel, the parcel was big and heavy, she would have never have been able to carry the thing home anyway.

I came walking out with the little elderly lady and said to my Mum that we were dropping her off at home, and she didn't mind, so we took her and her big parcel home. When we got there luckily her son had just got there and so I told him to make her a cup of tea, as she was still shaking.

Is it any wonder though, that she got upset when she is clearly struggling even to walk, and has serious health issues? She was probably worried that she would have to walk all the way there and back again with ID to get it.

People are all too quick to say they can't do something, because it means breaking the rules. But when those rules are so strict that they are upsetting a frail old woman, to the point where she nearly collapsed, they are just going too far.

People are too scared to get involved with the problems of others, that woman who was in there before me with her, she knew what was going on but just walked away. If it wasn't for my insistence I don't know what might have happened to her. I didn't like seeing her suffer and wasn't prepared to just ignore the situation and walk away and do wish more people were like that.

I am thankful the manager at the Royal Mail office for finally agreeing to give her the parcel, he did the right thing in the end.

People come first, not rules.