Friday, 22 March 2013

Are You Normal?

When delusional psychopathic haters start to attack me, it is 'normal' that they always say I am delusional and psychopathic. They project their own flaws on to others who they envy because they did the Great Work, as they are too lazy and stuck in their poor me victim mentality to do it themselves. If only I could be more delusional and not really see what is going on in the world, and therefore not give a shit about it and just be an ignorant little self righteous hater who gets drunk and takes drugs, and basically lives a shallow non existence because they are too psychopathic to care.

Ignorance is bliss, how often do we hear this? Luckily I don't happen to agree with that, I believe in Gnosis and Sophia, and when you have those yes there will be damaged people who can't stand to see how happy you are, and all that you are achieving because of that. However, it is a much more pleasant and peaceful existence than they have where they have a constant need to find a new target for their hatred. There is enough hate in the world, and these 'normal' people who think they are sane are what drives it to continue.

Will they ever realise that the vast majority of the population of 'normal' people, are actually the insane ones, for complying to a hate filled system and demonising anyone who dares to stand up against it? Ultimately, putting themselves up to a barrage of aggressive, nasty, hate filled people, who all bleat the same tune, over and over.. She is different, how fucking dare she think differently to us, how dare she have strange ideas and do things different to us. How very fucking dare she. Lets beat her back down, call her a psychopath and try to belittle her, call her insane and delusional. Because lets face it, it will stop them having to look in the mirror and realise they are all the things they accuse me of being. Being normal in a sick world, is insane. Thank goodness I am not normal like them.

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