Sunday, 24 March 2013

Real friends make you strong

All my life people have told me I am not good enough for this, or that. That I can't do that, I am not capable.. I was told when I was a kid that I have dyslexia, so I could forget ever hoping to be any good at writing, and told about how it would limit me in life. Well, I just finished writing my first book.

Over the time it has taken me to write it I might have struggled more than most to get the grammar and wording correct, making stupid typos, using the wrong form of a word. I have had people laughing at me, saying I am stupid because of that. But as they came laughing at me, I asked them what I had done wrong, so I could correct it and thanked them for showing me my mistakes, even though a lot of them did it far from graciously.

The mistakes I made never took away from what I was trying to say, and I still got my point across. And all the while these naysayers were laughing at me and trying to put me down, telling me I am deluded and idiot for believing in myself, others came forward and told me how happy they were for having found my writing and how it helped them. Just one of those telling me that cancels out whole ship full of naysayers.

I have never asked for thanks, or praise for doing what I do, I know my stuff is controversial and the herd just can not begin to see or hear it. All they see is something that is in conflict with their programming, and so they will continue to make fun of me in anyway they can. I have never been the best at grammar or even writing, I am learning more about it as I go. That doesn't mean what I have to say is any less valid or true. I make mistakes, but I don't give up, I keep going and always will, no matter what the haters say about me.

I am just so happy I can help at least one person, inspire at least one person and make at least one person feel better about themselves when they learn the truth about their heritage. :) 

I have met all kinds of people over my journey to where I am now, some very inspirational, some complete losers who tried their best to drag me down with them and some who were there when I needed them the most.

I am not sorry about having met any of them, even the ones who continue to be nasty, bitter and twisted about me, because I choose to move on rather than let myself be dragged down with them. I have learnt something from everything that has happened to me. Those who have lied to me, then said I am a liar, those who promise things then back down, those who you think you can trust but it turns out you can't and those who purposely try to ruin me, as they are so angry about what I have achieved. Yes I learn something from all of them, the energy vampires and the fair weather friends, the fickle ones and the back stabbers, all of them.

I don't regret anything. I saw people talking behind someone's back calling them all the names under the sun, the next moment sat in the pub with them pretending to be their friend. There are those that tell me what terrible people some are, only to then turn and do the same to me.

A real important lesson I learnt is: If someone has nothing good to say about someone behind their back, you can bet they will be doing exactly the same to you when your back is turned. Some people love drama and trying to hurt others, because they are insecure and needy.

I am just happy I didn't give up on everyone, because of the bad ones. Now I know there are really wonderful people in the world. People who don't judge you harshly when you make mistakes, because they realise everyone makes them; and people who are caring and giving, without expecting anything in return. People who are balanced and competent - who have no need for envy and nasty behaviour. Who will stand by you through the bad times, as well as be there to help you enjoy the good. Yes indeed, they have a lot of the genes of the Serpent families, they become my family and the longer I know them, the more I learn about them, the more I love them.

Real friends make you strong, they empower you and tell you that you can do anything you want to. I did, and I do. And so can you, no matter what anyone else says.

I wonder how many mistakes I made in this piece? lol

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