Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Truth Movement

I have a bit of trouble understanding why those currently going through, 'naive enlightenment' can't help but be judgemental of others constantly. Yes it is a phase we all have to go through, and I realise how angry you are that you didn't always know about all the things you now know. But before you start accusing everyone of being a child murdering member of the elite, and hating on them. And before you start accusing others of being evil because they happen to have a different view than you about something... Just try to remember that most people are just here trying to get on with their life, trying to do what they feel is right. Yes there are a lot of people who get tired of battling on and on, in what seems like a pointless fight against the corruption in the world and decide to 'sell out' and become yet another corporate or media whore. But you have no right to judge them on their decision, who do you think you are? We are all each responsible for our own life and our own decisions. No one else is forced to believe the things you believe, or even have the same values you do. So long as they are not hurting you, why are you worried what their choices are?

The truth movement has been mass mind controlled to a very deep level, and they are stuck too far into their 'naive enlightenment' for them to notice.

Here are a few pointers to help you see the signs of manipulation in the truth movement.

Is there one thing, that no matter what other things someone talks about, they all agree on?

1, What is this thing they all agree on?
2, What solution do they give for beating this problem?
3, Do they all give the same solution?

And some examples:

1, There is a elite organisation in control of the world, who run everything and own more of less everything.

2, The love and light crew says we should all meditate and think lovely thoughts, but do nothing. The angry hater crew all think we should riot, or call people names, or protest. or just send out bad energy to them. But ultimately this makes no difference, so it is the same as doing nothing. Or it will lead to more of our freedoms being removed if they start attacking people and looting etc.

3, Yes, it amounts to the same, they are constantly told that we are all individuals, and to beat this massive worldwide organisation, we should all remain alone and independent. We should under no circumstances think about joining together to build our own organisation which would work against them. Where is the logic that? There isn't any, because this is the thing they all - like programmed little drones - are told to think, over and over again by their gurus and preachers.

They (those who run the show) know that so long as we are all fighting amongst ourselves and blaming each other for things, and telling other people they are wrong about this and that. Arguing over whose dogma is right, who has the best religion, who is the most spiritual, who is the best at this, or the best at that..... We are not a problem to them. We are just a bunch of little people, all shouting and crying about those naughty evil elite who have taken all our rights, yet not joining together to do anything about it.

If you have had enough and want to become part of a real solution, and join a group of people who all have minds and ideas of their own, but all agree on one point "I believe that everyone should have the freedom to: Do whatever they want, worship whatever they want, believe anything they want, so long as it hurts no one else and they don't force their views on anyone else."

Then come along and make your voice heard and be part of the solution, what are you waiting for? No one else is going to come along and save you, we have to be the ones who make changes.


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  1. Hi i appreciate you so much but why is protesting bad if we want to make a change we should shout outloud for them to hear us in egypt we changed regime by revolution please tell me why should not we protest and how to redesign our society ?i think i am spiritual but avtive as well i want to make a great change of course not alone what is the path?