Thursday, 2 May 2013

Smear Campaign of the psychopath

The Smear Campaign of the psychopath who I have tried to remove from my life.

Top 3 Tactics

1. Start a Smear Campaign against you. Tell everyone they come into contact with what a terrible person you are. Make up lies about you and get others to also spread these malicious rumours.

2. Tell everyone you are the abuser and they are the victim. They want everyone to pity them and feel sorry for them, they will stop at nothing to make sure they 'win' people away from you. Remember, it is all a game to these people.

3. Push your buttons to try to make you respond with their goal of making you look like the crazy one. Yes, they stay around and make sure you know they are there, even by doing things like constantly asking to friend you on FB, or send messages on Youtube asking to talk to you, or even just like some of your FB pages, or subscribe to your Youtube. Anything they know you will be alerted about, they do.

You know who you are you pathetic psychopath. Why not just move on like I have? Why do you constantly have to hang around and try to creep your way back into my life? I am NOT interested, deal with it and go away.

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