Sunday, 23 February 2014

INTP, INTJ & Autism

It is very common to be told there is something wrong with you when you are an extreme introvert, like those with INTP or INTJ personality type. So we might get labelled as Autistic, not just because of our extemporaneous ability for upsetting people, but also because of high intellect, others feeling subordinate and being judgmental, also assuming we are being arrogant or aloof, just by being us.

Most introverts will have had to deal with these kind of accusations at some point or another.

However, don't be so quick to give people labels that could lead to them spending their life being told there is something wrong with them, and having to be forced into treatment they don't need. It is merely an intelligent group that doesn't always respond “appropriately” to authority. This is seen as a problem, so children displaying these 'symptoms' will be sent off to a special school, which hosts those who really are mentally disabled, and told they are stupid, because they are different.

Dyslexia can lead to this diagnosis also, because although Dyslexic children have above average intelligence, they are thought of as having a 'learning disability' yet when they are taught in the way they learn, there are no problems, they just have a different way of learning and processing information. Just because they don't learn the way 'norms' do and have different brain processes, does not mean they are disabled. This has gone on too long. Society tries to force everyone to be the same and think the same way. Everyone must conform or be labelled as having a learning difficulty.

How sick is a society that labels anyone who has a mind of their own mentally ill?

By no means am I saying there is no such thing as Autism, yes there is, but they are not you or me. If you are are intelligent enough to read this post, you don't have Autism, you have just been given that label to explain why you are different. If you are functioning adult, who doesn't need 24/7 care, you are not Autistic.

Serpents have different brains to the Simples or Eagles, being different is not any kind of mental illness or condition.

Serpents (Neanderthals) have put these savant type abilities into the gene pool, so not just Serpents have this way of thinking, some of you who are strong in our genes will also feel this and have this type of personality.

If you don't, you might find it hard to understand that not everything we say is intended as a personal attack at you. We would very much like to be able to hold a different opinion than you, and share our thoughts, put different views and ideas across, without being attacked for it by the herd of Normopaths.

Society has been run by Eagles for thousands of years now, and the Simples have been so set on being normal and conforming, they have got away with it.

Maybe it would serve huwomanity (contains both women and men) better if you started to think more like us?

Special thanks to Kristina and Graham for making me realise the truth of the situation, on more than one occasion.

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