Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Truth About Life Coaches

I have never once met someone who describes themselves as a "life coach" who wasn't an extremely insecure narcissist who needs constant adoration and the need to feel important. These are often the very ones who should be working on themselves before attempting to help others. They can be dangerous to vulnerable people, have superficial charm and will drain you of narcissistic supply until it runs out, then they disappear and you will wonder what hit you. Stay well away!!

If you are feeling vulnerable, depressed, lonely and looking for advice, ask your Higher Self, not some overpriced "Life Coach" who wants to bleed you dry.

Do the Great Work.

Things insecure "Life Coaches" have said to me during conversations that didn't provide them with the narcissistic supply they need, I will add to it when I get more ;)

"Knowing posh words etc doesn't mean you are right." LOL never said it did.
 "Writing a book is a waste of time, I did that years ago." After he found out I wrote a book.
"Psychology is all bullshit, I used to study it." After finding out about my qualifications. The same guy didn't know who Carl Jung was.

Unless all Life Coaches stay away from me after this, more coming soon....

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