Sunday, 25 September 2016

Insecurity is the problem

Something that never ceases to bug me is when people, more often than not those don't even know their target, decide to belittle and taunt others, constantly pointing out what they, in their ill formed brainwashed by the media mind, have decided are flaws.

You cannot have debate with these people, you might as well just walk away, because they cannot do anything other than parrot the things they have been programmed to by the media.

If you are one of those insecure sanctimonious fools who feels the need to constantly put others down, to feel better about yourself and your miserable life, then I have news for you - there is no "normal" you might think you are normal, but who has dictated your idea of normal to you? The media? Yes no doubt, and since when does the media have a monopoly on what is or isn't normal?

There of course are those who point to supposed studies done by highly paid scientists, to provide the results they are supposed to, in what way does that make it fact? It doesn't. And when the media decides they no longer want those results, they will simply come up with another study to prove something else.

Then weak willed people will follow and think that is now normal and anyone who doesn't fit into that is a freak, or unhealthy, or a bad person. That is bullshit! Anyone with a brain can see that, so what does it say about those who try to force people to change and fit it?

Telling someone you don't even know that they are ugly, obese, too short, too tall, too skinny, unhealthy or whatever, is not helping them, so who does it help? The media of course, or should I say those who control the media, you know the ones who have products to sell, products that the weak willed need to fit in - you smell, no problem they have all kinds of chemical crap for you to spray all over yourself - you are too fat, no problem they have a diet plan or diet pills for you to take - you are too short, no problem they have these overpriced designer high heeled shoes that will cripple you - you are too ugly, no problem we have this chemical gunk for you to smear all over your face.... It goes on an on.

And don't you dare pretend you are insulting someone for their own good, you don't know the person and you certainly don't care about them, so stop pretending you do as an excuse to make remarks about their appearance. People only insult the appearance of others when they are insecure themselves. Your actions are no better than those of a school yard bully.

Next time you feel the need to tell someone they are too this or that, stop yourself and think about what you are doing and why.

I will also add that this is not a freedom of speech issue, it is about being a decent human being who shouldn't feel the need to make nasty comments about someone else's appearance, for no other reason than your own self hate and insecurity. 

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