Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Viking Women

I remember when I used to talk about how Viking society was matriarchal and women were viewed as more important in those days. I was laughed at. Then today I see this article posted saying it is 'new' research.

And this is what I wrote back in 2007 after my trip to Norway:

We were taken to a place where they keep Viking boats that they have found. Unfortunately my camera was playing up so couldn't get many pics. I did get this very bad one of the best boat in there though. It is the Queen's boat, the one with the most beautiful carving and the biggest one. This is because the Queen's boat were always the best in Viking society the women were thought of as more important than men. The calendar was set up to work with the menstruation cycle of women, 13 months in every year, each 28 days long and this also matches the Moon cycle. The Moon represents femininity and only if a woman is ill or stressed will her cycle not fit to the Moon cycle. It also makes it harder for women to track their cycle since Christianity where they changed to the Solar calendar. The Sun is masculine and Christian religions all actually worship the Sun and maleness, hence the fact all Churches have a phallic symbol on them, or steeple.

At least now it is becoming more acceptable to admit these things.

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