Sunday, 13 January 2013

Tenacious Truth

It is risible when someone requests my input and opinion on Facebook, only to block me when I hand out the tenacious truth. They become agitated when their inveterate belief in mendacious new age tosh is questioned. I can just imagine the petulant stamping of the foot they give as they depart with great haste and block me.

I can envisage their powerless frustration of not being able to bully me and get their own way. Their only way of dealing with their building anger is to block me. As Facebook is full to bursting point with narcissists if the clash of opinions is taking place publicly and they feel attacked because they are wrong about something, their only way to deal with it is to run away. But not before they have resorted to personal insults and an attempt to belittle.

But do they ever learn from their mistake?

No, not often, their ego won't allow them to. The narcissist has a real problem with being wrong about something, or by even being confronted about something. They simply can not laugh at themselves and like to feel they are an authority on everything.

Instead of moving on from their pride being hurt, they then set about demonising the person who they feel cut off their narcissistic supply, and therefore should be punished. So if you ever disagree with a narcissist expect a hate campaign about you after the fact. However don't stop speaking the truth, especially to a narcissist who expose themselves for what they are during their narcissistic rages.

Narcissists always come across as charming and so popular, people flock to them in order to bask in their narcissistic glow. These followers will even make excuses for the narcissists terribly bad behaviour when someone disagrees with something they say.. Why? Because they are looking for someone to look up to, they need a Father or Mother figure to guide them and the narcissist knows this and plays on it. To be addicted to the grandiose charm of a narcissist is damaging to you and your self esteem.

You don't need them, but they need you - to drain you of the narcissistic supply they need to survive. Remove it from them and watch them crumble into the weak pathetic bullies they truly are.

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